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The Company’s fleet of intermodal tank containers are utilised by customers for international and domestic distribution of liquid food products and hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals.

Bond International has worked directly with major blue-chip chemical companies and the leading tank container operators for 25 years. Leases for new equipment are generally written for five-year terms, unless market conditions dictate otherwise .

The Company’s operating experience has shown that such equipment continues to remain on lease with the original lessee well beyond the initial lease term. With respect to equipment that has been subsequently redelivered, the Company will either release the equipment to other customers requiring immediate availability or modify the equipment for specialist applications subject to new term leases.

Bond International has formed partnerships with leading forwarders with proven intra-regional experience with tank containers to provide a full lease and logistics management service for dedicated product in tank containers in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Shanghai. These partnerships are already delivering significant volumes of new leases with blue chip customers.

 Bond International also offers a full operational management service of their leased tanks, should the customer require this.