Happy Birthday Bond

(HCB - June 2011 edition)

Bond International celebrates its 25th anniversary next month. Established in 1986 by David Bond, the company continues to play a leading rolein the international tank container sector. Bond International currently has more than 1,000 tanks in service with another 500 to join the fleet shortly; this is the final part of the major redevlopment plan that started in 2007 when the company sold its ageing fleet of 1,500 tanks and began replacing them with new generation units featuring lighter weights and higher capacities.

Bond is building a range of chemical tanks, including specials from 15,000 litres upwards, T11 tanks in sizes from 21,000 litres up to 35,000 litres, with and without baffles, 24,000 litre T11 reefer tanks, temperature controlled tanks and a range of rubber and baked phenolic lined tanks. A number of 25,000 litre, 22.5 metre wide super-insulated T11 tanks and 22,500 litre T22 (ASME) tanks with baffles are also on the order book.

A number of gas tanks are being built, including 'new generation' 24,600 litre 22-bar and 27.5-bar T50 units and 24,300 litre 34.5-bar T50 tanks, as well as the new 'generic' 24,600 litre 21-bar tank with baffles and zinc lining and the standard 20,000 litre 24-bar ASME T75 cryongenic tank for industrial gasses.

Two other noteworthy developments have marked the company's 25th year in operation. After 22 years at the same address, Bond International has moved its headquarters to larger premises at 88 St James's Street, SW1A 1PL, to help manage its expanding operations. And the family tradition is being continued with D'Arcy Bond having joined the firm as marketing manager after finsihing his MA (Hons) degree at Edinburgh University.

Date: 20/06/2011