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About Bond International Limited.

Founded in 1986, by David Bond, President of the Bond International Group. 

Bond International is the world's largest privately owned tank container lessor. Operating in its 25th year, Bond International supplies some of the world's largest blue-chip companies with logistical solutions, as well as supplying the industry's major tank container operators.

Simply Professional

Our managers are highly qualified professionals with specialist expertise in the provision of equipment for the transport of high value liquid products.

We attribute as much emphasis to the financial services elements of tank leasing as to knowledge of our products and markets.

We harness the latest IT to provide the back-up and service that our users require for the smooth carriage of their specialist cargoes in our tanks

Simply Economical

Four factors contribute to the cost effectiveness of our operations. All these factors combine to provide the highest level of economy:Container Leasing

  • Tanks are economical to physically operate
  • Tanks are economical to maintain and repair
  • Sustained high utilisation of our equipment
  • Tightly controlled overheads

Simply Committed

We are committed to developing professional and personal relationships with our clients. Our leasing strategy is to work with blue chip companies, often as the principal supplier to the major tank users, analysing their existing tank operations and structuring long term tank development programs, upgrading, replacing and expanding their tank fleets with high specification tanks and tailored competitive lease programs to fulfil their liquid transportation requirements.

Simply Responsible

We and our clients contractually commit to endorse the Responsible Care Initiative of the Chemical Manufacturing Association providing a continuous performance improvement in the areas of health, safety, and protection of the environment.

Container Leasing ServicesSimply The Best

Our Customers have expressed that we "have the best equipment", "provide the best services" and are " SIMPLY THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS"

Simply Generic

Our Optimum Generic Tank Design is now produced by the world's leading tank manufacturers to our uncompromising standards.

Our generic tank specification incorporates high structural integrity with full frame protection.

This design includes numerous extras which have been proven to both increase operational efficiency and to minimise in service operational and maintenance costs, as well as reducing susceptibility to damage.